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A day with Japan exchange student


I need to say sorry for the write up on English. Gomenasai!

I want to practice my English because of the new semester has started last week. and this post will be read by my Japanese friend.

Carry on to the main point.~

The first week are one of the best week because all of lectures and class not too busy. The new semester start usually with an ice breaking session whereby we need to introduce our self to the new lecturers and classmates. But for now all my classmates are the same with the last semester.

The first week also bring me surprises because in my third language class there is one exchange student from Japan. Her name is Yurie Ochi (Ochi Yurie). I don’t know much about her because she will be in Malaysia around 2 weeks only.

On 16th September yesterday was the day we took her to Kuala Lumpur to visit some of the tourist favorite spot. First we took her to KL Central. Obviously to change buses from seksyen 2 to KLCC. Next stop are KLCC. After that we go to Central Market and finally we go to Petaling Street. Hahahaha.

Frankly I meet my old friend from kampung. Her name is Yeap Mei Li or I call her as Mei Mei. She now workin as broadcast journalist for NTV7. I guess after 4 years or so we’ve not meet. Not much changes I see in her. Small and short Mei Mei as usual. HAHAHAHA!

After a while not updatin this blog, I now serve you all with the picture taken yesterday.

Rapid KL are not using card anymore.

Petaling Street had some event yesterday



Yesterday at Petaling Street we’ve seen some cultural event. That is the place where meet Mei Mei. I’m sure that Yurie had really good time yesterday. We lookin forward for her visit next time. Don’t get confused, the single picture with a girl with NTV7 microphone are Mei Mei. That is not Yuri. LOL!


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